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Listen to amazing stories from real women talking about matters in life and how women succeed at fulfilling their dreams as we get Beyond the Small Talk! This is not perfect or scripted, it's real and authentic and shows women turning up day in, day out being vulnerable in life. Meet my amazing friends and hear inspiring conversations about life, love, work, families, friendships, wellbeing and all of it!

Beyond the Small Talk guest Lou Wood

Episode 6 guest Lou Wood

My guest today is the gorgeous Lou Wood! Lou is an insightful communicator with a passion for inquiry and a love of all. Her energy generates fabulous conversations and her position of curiosity fosters connection. Lou is authentic and thoughtful in her way of sharing about love, family and contributing to others. We talk about what’s important to Lou, her commitment to humanity, new possibilities and growing though all stages of life.

Beyond the Small Talk Podcast Ep 5

Episode 5 guest Amanda McEvoy

My guest today is the fabulous Amanda McEvoy! Amanda is a dynamo in the community and has a sharp focus on raising the profile of her network. Her passion elevates the profile and success of those around her. Amanda is an extraverted person who is thoughtful and considerate in her efforts and influence. We discuss what’s important to Amanda, her travels and what home means, family and having it all as a woman.

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