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7 Day Kickstart - Online & Self-paced

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Write your own wonderful story with fun and ease in just 7 days! This course is all about empowering you to share your amazing life with confidence. 💗 Be inspired by my daily prompts, guidance & the fun and easy activites 💓 Create stories you're passionate about. Other people really want to hear about your experiences. Write for them or do it for yourself. Do both! Writing is such a joy. Maybe it's a challenge or something new for you to explore. It could even be a lifelong dream. I'm so excited to see more of you talk about what's important to you. There's no need to publish anything. If you do want to, I'll guide and support you in whatever way you'd like to do that. You're also invited to join our online writing community and connect with other course participants. You're welcome to share what you're up to at any stage!! 💖

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