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Write Your Story to Publish- 10 session coaching

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You have an extraordinary story to share and a love of writing I bet! But haven't make it happen yet? What you'd really love is someone to help you, show you how and be your ultimate fan. Sportspeople don’t go it alone. They have a coach who is committed to their success. Musicians and artists have mentors. With writing it’s no different. This personal and intimate program is exactly what you need to get your story written and published. I am your champion, here in your corner ready to guide you and see you fulfill your writing dreams! Over 10 session you will have personal 1 hour calls with me online or in-person, you will create real goals that inspire you, you'll explore your story, develop your own writing style and get loads of tips and tricks get you writing and loving it. You will not only have the weekly calls to specifically discuss your progress you'll also have; - Materials available online - Individual goal creation - Personal action plan - Downloadable activity worksheets - Guidence and support to be ready to publish your story Plus you'll have me to keep you motivated, an accountabilty buddy to stay on track and be succesful!

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USD 997.00


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