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The pain of going to our life source

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Hello, Frances here. Welcome to my blog...

So this is me in all of my blogging glory, such that it is. Here's a face for the story, feel free to ignore it, it's just how I was made. More importantly I'd prefer you heard what I'm up for.

Frances Pratt at the Gorge reserve in Launceston

Just by the way, so you can get to know me, I worship the sun and the moon. Plus my cats, like an ancient pharos or queens perhaps. I've been called Princess in Asia and Bird Bird at times. I have a thing for Pokemon go and dominate at Yahtzee. I am part fish and part horse. At the tender age of 13 a strange man informed me I was a thoroughbred. So I guess it must be true. I am balanced and well in some moments and sing and dance to my 90s playlist. I am sad and defeated in others and turn to hot cross bun flavoured ice cream (thank you Woolworths).

I am a general all round homo Sapien you might say and still struggling to overcome the pain and suffering of going to our life source.

I'm busy lately searching of my source. I'm looking for my sources of freedom, power and self-expression. I'm told you can have them in every element of life. Turns out as I dodge along making discoveries and mistakes I am finding possibilities for inspiration, wisdom and fun.

My intention is to have the richness of sharing available to me. I have been closed off to sharing my voice. This blog is part of my transformation to be out in the universe. So thank you for your generosity of attention, it's means a great deal to me. My hope for you is that in my sharing you find something for yourself.

Where ever you are online, reading or contributing, would you consider sharing with me. I'd rather this wasn't just one way. I'll go first.

Big love, Frances 💗





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